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Culture & Value: 88%
Senior Leadership: 80%
Salary & Benefits: 74%
Career Growth: 80%
Work / Life Balance: 90%
Recommended: 80%
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Hard work pays off - I do not regret any of my time with this company!

Pros: -I learned a lot very quickly and was able to advance twice in just under three years. -Everyone in the office genuinely cares about the success of the business. -The atmosphere is comfortable and the people around you are working hard every moment of the day. -People get along with each other which makes it easy to ask for help when needed. -This is the kind of place where you will be challenged to the point in which you discover skills you did not know you had. -The company outlook is very positive. -Managers are always available to help.

Cons: -This is a young company with a lot of moving pieces, if you have a hard time adapting to change this is not the place for you. -While management feedback comes from a good place and is very helpful the delivery can sometimes be harsh. -Occasionally expectations are unclear due to different styles of communication but if you ask questions you will get the answers you need. -Responsibilities/deadlines can change frequently so you need to be flexible. -The customers can be jerks at times.

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