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Culture & Value: 94%
Senior Leadership: 88%
Salary & Benefits: 90%
Career Growth: 80%
Work / Life Balance: 96%
Recommended: 86%
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Guilty - I totally love working here

Pros: Not sure where to start...working for a financially successful organization (hence solid/stable) with a strong, trusted brand is amazing. The pride in what we do is evident throughout our offices and on the road with our field team everyday. I do love working with just about everyone I’ve come into contact with over the years. Every once in a while I have a head-scratching moment, whether related to a project or colleague or decision, and 9 times out of 10 I am able to leverage our trust-based, collaborative environment to get things out on the table and resolve issues or confusion in a jiffy. One must be willing to own a problem or challenge, though, and expend the energy to do so...I worry that some of the folks who drop negative reviews on GD simply haven’t “manned up,” taken ownership of a challenge, and tried to move the ball forward, because CARFAX is hands-down the best place I’ve worked in 20+ years to do something like that. Employee activities are simply AMAZING and the office/amenities keep getting better. Seeing employees’ joy from spending their days with their dog by their side or knowing they can bring a child into the office in a pinch is priceless. Are we Amazon or Google regarding our tech stack and stock options? No...but we’re also not a meat grinder where you leave every day knowing you’ll log in at home and keep on working every night and weekend. I’ll take this over that any day of the week and twice on Sunday (as my Grandma used to say).

Cons: Yes, the reviews are true, there is a ton of food at CARFAX. :-) It can be challenging to hire younger folks (and even some non-younger ones) in Centreville given the lack of social amenities around the office. As you can probably tell in the photos, our offices are very open which is great for collaboration and team camaraderie, but it can be challenging when you need some quiet space to focus.

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