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FiscalNote's GRM platform is a revolutionary new way for organizations to build and execute effective, data-driven government strategies.
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Great Ambition with Great Talent to Match

Pros: I worked at FiscalNote for 2.5 years in various client facing roles. I dislike Glassdoor’s pros/cons dichotomy. The same attributes that make FiscalNote a great environment for some people can also make it a stressful environment for others. I'm just putting everything in the pro box since the balance of my perspective is positive. It’s rare to be part of starting something that has an impact, let alone on something as important as policymaking. Working at FiscalNote was the greatest opportunity I’ve had in my career to contribute to such an impact. Technology’s role in the policymaking process is limited but growing, and FiscalNote is well positioned to capitalize on this growth. If the vision doesn’t excite you, then FiscalNote may not be for you. You also need to be comfortable with the idea that the platform is used by clients with policy agendas that you may object to. Aside from hate organizations, FiscalNote does not discriminate amongst potential clients. FiscalNoters are passionate, smart, friendly, and ambitious. Every firm will tell you that they hire the best and the brightest - I found this to be more true of FiscalNote than anywhere I had worked previously. FiscalNoters in general are young, though the median age is increasing as the company matures. The operations team holds social events regularly and FiscalNoters often hang out outside of work. Culture is taken seriously from the leadership level to the individual contributor level. Acquisitions are a small but potentially increasing driver of FiscalNote’s growth. FiscalNote has already acquired three smaller firms. Earlier this year, Washington Business Journal reported that FiscalNote could be entering into “hundreds of millions of dollars in acquisitions.” This sort of rollup strategy can be very exciting and successful but comes with a different set of challenges than managing organic growth. Most of those challenges are related to the integration of people, processes, and technology. I am looking forward to seeing how FiscalNote tackles these challenges. FiscalNote’s core product works and has a reasonably well defined target market, which is more than can be said for many startups. The product and engineering teams are very capable. While the AI component is the primary focus of what has been written about FiscalNote publicly, a lot of the focus from an R&D perspective is on the basics - ingesting and searching over policy issues/documents at scale and offering workflow capabilities on top of that content. You’ll notice that most of the few negative reviews here are from FiscalNoters who were part of the business development (BD) team. In my experience, BD/sales teams are typically the most volatile parts of any organization. The roles attract competitive people and have very variable outcomes. FiscalNote’s BD team has experienced plenty of tumult. By the time I departed, the BD team appeared to have set up the most coherent structure of any time during my tenure. I believe that companies are extensions of their founders in many ways. Tim’s vision and ambition are vast. While some of the previous reviews make him out to be absent or unrealistic, make no mistake that he is FiscalNote’s driving force. Tim's willingness to bet against the odds is the reason FiscalNote exists in the first place. In general, I have an optimistic outlook for FiscalNote. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to live in DC, work in a startup environment, learn from the challenges inherent in scaling a B2B SaaS business, and shape the way policy is made.

Cons: Glassdoor demands five words here.

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