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Culture & Value: 72%
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Career Growth: 74%
Work / Life Balance: 86%
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A Pleasant Place To Work

Pros: ’ve been an employee of Brivo for nearly two years and in summary I would have to say that it is a pleasant place to work. For starters I want to mention that I have been in the workforce for 25 years and I have worked for employers with over 50,000 employees to as little as 75. I have had micro managers, macro managers and everything in between. I’ve worked as a contractor on government contracts, fulltime permanent for private sectors and non-profits. With all of that being said, I find Brivo to a be a place that I enjoy working for every day. The atmosphere is relaxed but at the same time people are working hard towards the one goal of growing the business and chipping in wherever help is needed. It’s pretty much all hands on deck with a common goal and focus. The CEO Steve Van Till is extremely approachable and encourages an open door policy. Speak up if you have something to say or a question to ask! Additionally, I have a manager who is supportive, understanding, appreciative of my work and allows me to express my ideas on solutions and new projects. I honestly feel that how my manager treats her staff is an example of the Brivo culture (treat every employee with respect, appreciation and valuing what the employee brings to the table). Pros Unlimited Time Off Wonderful work life balance (this is truly priceless) Employee Functions (Happy Hour, Bagel Thursdays, Waffle Wednesdays) Great snacks (well stocked fridge) in the Employee Cafe On the cutting edge via Cloud Based Security Work with very smart people (there was an Internal Science Fair not too long ago that totally blew my mind). The Engineers are brilliant! Quite Impressive

Cons: Cons Health Benefits are costly and need improvement No clearly defined bonus structure for non-sales employees (at least none that I am aware of) No 401k match (honestly hoping that Brivo will make this happen in the near future). Total compensation is lackluster (again can only speak for non-sales and non-senior management).

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