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Traditional we are not. We pride ourselves on being and thinking differently – and we apply this approach to everything we do. As a result, we develop unique solutions that change the way government works.
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Culture & Value: 100%
Senior Leadership: 96%
Salary & Benefits: 98%
Career Growth: 92%
Work / Life Balance: 100%
Recommended: 98%
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TCG Cares About Their (Our) People!

Pros: The best thing about working for TCG is the culture of caring for the employees. I was surprised at my annual review that the conversation centered around management asking what they can do to help me succeed. The thinking being that if there were any problems, they would have already been addressed and corrected. We meet one-on-one regularly with the company leadership throughout the year in a very positive environment. I know that I can talk to any of our managers to correct a problem, including calling our CEO, Dan Turner, directly. We have so many benefits, some that I will never use, but I know others will. I like that most of our people work remotely. When I first started, I was on-site at the client's site everyday, but eventually moved to telecommuting. With video conference calls, I don't feel like I am missing the interpersonal communication of working together in an office. Our core values are plainly stated, and we actively strive to live up to them. Our values include: We are intelligent; We invest ourselves in the project; We prove our value; We are collaborative; We are fair, honest, and open; We value our families. We do value our families, one of our benefits is monetary assistance when adopting a child. We have an "Employee Happiness" department! There are people at TCG whose job it is to ensure that the employees are thriving in their jobs.

Cons: Some of our best employees get "stolen" away by our clients or other companies, especially true for our younger employees. They get recruited for jobs with more responsibility and higher positions.

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