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Traditional we are not. We pride ourselves on being and thinking differently – and we apply this approach to everything we do. As a result, we develop unique solutions that change the way government works.
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Culture & Value: 98%
Senior Leadership: 96%
Salary & Benefits: 98%
Career Growth: 92%
Work / Life Balance: 98%
Recommended: 100%
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Excitement being part of a growing company

Pros: TCG has scores of benefits and perks, lots of interactions with top management, the opportunity to do important work with an emphasis on quality and not just getting through the day, and really great co-workers. But right now the best thing about TCG is that the company is growing, and with that growth comes opportunities to move around and move up -- something that not many small companies offer. In addition, TCG encourages the kind of personal growth that leads to job growth: Communities of Practice, Interest, and Excellence; a generous annual training budget that the company encourages us to use; the opportunity to work at a new project when we want to learn something new; internal training from superstars in the company, and more. The new building, which just opened, will even have a gym in the basement. Too bad that I chose to work from home -- I have to use the commercial gym closer to me. At least TCG gives a gym benefit. I also like the regular meetings with senior staff one-on-one twice a year, and four times a year at our quarterly All Hands meetings. It's my opportunity to get the inside scoop on what's going on with the company. Project managers are available all the time, and they tend to do bi-weekly or monthly one-on-ones that are more like coaching than performance reviews. The annual career review focuses on me: what I like, what I do well, what I might want to do more of, and how I can get ahead in the company. I also like that TCG shares its salary standards and comparative salaries with others in the same job in the same industry in the same location. I know I'm being paid well, because I see what the averages are for my specialty in the DC area.

Cons: I really like my co-workers, and going to the office once or twice a week (my choice) doesn't always give me an opportunity to hang around with them. OTOH, I don't have to fight traffic, or get out of my jammies if that's the way my day needs to go.

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