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The powerful brands, including The Atlantic, Government Executive, National Journal, and now Quartz, reach leaders across all sectors—consumer, business, media, and government.
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Nice place to work

Pros: The people are wonderful. Everyone on my team is kind, incredibly intelligent, and generous, and there is none of the "tech-bro" culture I've felt elsewhere. I'm surrounded by friendly nerds, and I love it. My manager is committed to helping me grow and really listens to my feedback. I can't speak for other teams, but mine is wonderful. I could tell from my interview that I would be respected, would like my coworkers, and that I could grow professionally here, and I was right. I give my work here my all because I enjoy the work I do, and I feel it's appreciated and respected. The company values female leadership as well and is actively working on improving their diversity efforts. The unlimited time off is fantastic. People use it appropriately; we take as much vacation as we need and keep in mind what makes sense for our team. I appreciate the company treating us like adults in that way.

Cons: They need to get with the times and become more remote-friendly. It's a company of writers and engineers — two groups that do well when not tethered down to a cubicle. The 9AM-6PM office workday was designed for men whose wives were at home taking care of the kids, not for the diverse workforce of 2019. If they were more remote-friendly, I would be glad to stay here for a long time. Also, the office is essentially in the middle of nowhere in DC (although I'm grateful it's in DC!), and there are few food options that aren't a 15-minute walk away. At least provide some free snacks; I've spent way too much time wandering around the halls hungry. Also, upper management always ignores engineers when recognizing outstanding work in the company. Everyone here seems to be privileged (middle-class upbringing, many from fancy schools), childless, and in their 20s or 30s. I'd love if we made it more accessible for older folks, people with families, and people from less privileged backgrounds as well.

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