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  • NASA's Space Apps Challenge is an international hackathon for coders, scientists, engineers, storytellers, technologists, and students.
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  • Teens and Parents,

    Grades 3-12 are invited for a technical and creative workshop to explore iPhone technology. Parents are invited to stay and participate. 

    Creativity AND technical skills are mandatory for tomorrow's STEM jobs. Learn the ingenuity that went into developing the iPhone by taking it apart and analyzing its components. Tap into your own technical skills while developing creative skills to develop new technologies. Learn three types of NASA engineering careers that need both technical and creative skills. Leave with a new passion for technology and new innovations. 

    Experience this workshop with a parent and or friend. All are welcome. 

    *** Lowe's Hardware will be filming this workshop. Jasmon Cooley, presenter, received an academic scholarship for Howard University from Lowe's. They will be featuring her teaching this workshop. Please print and sign the following photo release form for this workshop to be in the Lowe's promotional film. ***


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    We stand at an epochal moment in human history – we are about to learn if we are alone in the universe. The Kepler Space Telescope has shown that Earth-like worlds are commonplace. NASA is planning to spend billions of dollars on future space telescopes that will seek definitive proof of the existence and habitability, if not evidence of actual inhabitation, of rocky, Earth-like worlds around the nearest stars. Three large consortia are trying to beat NASA to this goal by planning and building the next generation of extremely large ground-based telescopes, including the Carnegie Institution’s Giant Magellan Telescope, now under construction in Chile. This talk will summarize the amazing discoveries that led us to this point, and discuss the competing visions for discovering life beyond our planetary system. 

    Dr. Alan Boss: Staff Scientist, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution for Science



    Doors open to the public at 6:00 p.m. with light refreshments.

    The campus is located at the intersection of Broad Branch Road and 32nd Street in northwest Washington, DC. Parking is available on campus and accessible via Jocelyn and 32nd Streets. Street parking is permissible. The campus is a short, three-block walk from Connecticut Avenue and two blocks south of Military Road.

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  •                             CARL HARPER'S BIRTHDAY KICK-OFF PARTY

                                       Something Cool, Something Slick...

                                    DRINKS & FOOD SPECIALS from 4-7pm


                            SAVE THE DATE...Wed Sept 4th | 4pm to Midnite



                              SoBe Restaurant & Lounge

                                                  10621 Greenbelt Rd

                                                         Lanham, Md

                                                    (5 min from NASA)

                                For Dinner/Table Reservations or if you are

                         Celebrating a Birthday or Other Special Occasion???

                                Call 301.232.3335 to discuss having a FREE

                              event with all of your friends, co-workers etc.

                                            Classic Wednesday Attire:

                                     Something Cool, Something Slick!

                                                     (jeans are ok)

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  • Crowdsourcing Week, together with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, invite you to a one-day summit on Crowdsourcing the Final Frontier.

    Featured Speakers

    This event is limited to 15 slots only.

    Meet up Location: The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institute 600 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC

    8:30am Depart DC
    9:45am Arrive at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    10am - 12pm Tour
    12:15pm - 1:30pm Lunch
    1:30pm - 4pm Sessions
    4:15pm bus leaves for DC
    Arrival in DC at 5:15pm


    Tickets are non-refundable. To upgrade your existing ticket or transfer your ticket to another name, email

    A little more about us:

    Crowdsourcing Week is the site of record and community for innovators, incubators, and those seeking a faster way to progress their ideas. A place for innovators in every industry to glean insights into the world of crowdsourcing, an opportunity connect deeply with those already using it's tenants well and layered with education to help you transform your industry.

    For the last half-decade, we have been honored to be the voice of and hub for the crowdsourcing revolution. We launched Crowdsourcing Week to connect, inspire, inform, and accelerate the shared-innovation movement. Through our content, conferences & consulting, we help people understand the top ideas, tech, investment, and innovation trends. Through our events, we bring entrepreneurs, investors, executives, designers, technologists, journalists, advocates and more together to network, collaborate, share best practices and explore the future of crowd-driven business and innovation.

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  • Living on Mars: Can We Do It? Should We Do It?

    Dr. Herbert V Frey
    Presentation: More than 50 years of spacecraft exploration of Mars has been driven mostly by the prospect that we might find life there, but also more recently by the possibility we might some day live there. The current Mars environment is not very hospitable for life, either indigenous or invasive, but earlier Mars did have conditions that would support at least simple life, and technology may make it possible for humans to have a permanent presence there. This talk will look at some of the many challenges for life and living on Mars, and the possible conflict that could arise if these two collide.

    Speaker: Dr. Herb Frey is the former Chief of the Planetary Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry Lab at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. During his 38 year career there he did research in both Earth and Planetary Science, with a special emphasis on the early crustal evolution of the Moon and Mars, and what it taught us about the Earth.

    Dinner Cost:   Guests: $25;  INCOSE members: $20 

    Download the Meeting Flyer

    The Registration Cost is for dinner only.  The Lecture is open to all at no cost and begins at 7 pm.

    Door Prize:  The Martian: A Novel by Andy Weir

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  • When in 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced to Congress the goal of going to the moon, he astonished the world – especially the scientists and engineers at NASA. At the time, no one knew how to build a rocket large enough, or a computer small enough and with sufficient power to get us there. The men and women who worked to invent space travel over the next decade were faced with more than 10,000 decisions, from designing viable rockets and capsules, to sewing usable space suits and parachutes. Charles Fishman’s One Giant Leap chronicles the triumphs and failures of behind-the-scenes people who changed the world as we knew it, and paved the way for technology that now permeates our everyday lives.

    Join us to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission, and the first moon landing, as Charles Fishman tells the greatest adventure story of the twentieth century. Mr. Fishman is a former metro and national reporter for the Washington Post, and an award-winning business journalist. He has written about the impending scarcity of water, and the effect of Wal-Mart shopping habits.

    Books will be on sale at the event.

    History Happy Hours include happy hour drinks and snacks.  History Happy Hours are sponsored by Therrien Waddell Construction Group.

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  • Our speaker this month will be Paul K. Martin, Inspector General, NASA.

    Presentation Topic: Watchdogs in Space

    Learning Objectives: TBD

    Instructional Delivery Method: Group-Live

    Target Audience: All finance and accounting professionals working in, or providing support to, the Federal, state and local governments.

    Program Level: Basic

    Advance Preparation: No prerequisites or advanced preparation are required for this program.

    CPE Credit: This program will qualify for 1 CPE credit with confirmed attendance. Credits will be granted based on a 50-minute hour. CPEs awarded by AGA's DC Chapter may or may not meet the criteria required by your state CPA governing body for continuing professional education. All attendees should check with their licensing boards whether CPEs issued by AGA DC qualify for continuing professional education credit.

    CPE Delivery: CPE certificates will be delivered electronically to the email address included at the time of luncheon registration. Only confirmed attendees will receive CPE credit. Attendance is confirmed based on physically checking in with the Meetings Committee staff at the registration table upon arrival to the luncheon.

    Field of Study: Finance - Technical

    The $10.00 early registration special price applies to MEMBER Government employees -- Federal, state, and local! The early registration deadline is 4:00 PM Friday, August 30, so register immediately to take advantage of this special price!

    Refund Policy: AGA DC cannot offer refunds and all transactions are final.
    An administrative fee will be assessed for any registration transfer request. The amount of the administrative fee will be based on the difference between the original attendee’s registration fee and the full price registration fee. If the original attendee paid the full price registration fee, a $5 administrative fee will be assessed.
    Registration transfer requests will only be processed on the day of the luncheon; the administration fee must be remitted at the registration table.

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  • Open Nation is a live, invite-only event that allows top performing IdeaScale administrators and moderators to connect with each other and hear from other innovation management practitioners. Open Nation covers a range of topics and themes, but will specifically cover subjects in (at least) these key areas this year:

    1. Innovation metrics and tracking ROI
    2. Gaining leadership buy-in
    3. How to develop innovation teams

    Download our sample program from last year.

    Attendees at Open Nation will return to their innovation management programs armed with new communications tactics, new tactics to impact innovation culture, and other innovation best practices and will receive a certification for attending all lectures and completing all workshops. 

    Breakfast, Lunch and Happy Hour provided.

    And although it's not part of the official programming, you can also take the opportunity to meet with your Account Manager in person on October 23rd or take part in our community Friday activity on October 25th (tours and presentations at inspiring DC organizations. Past tour locations have included Google, Fictiv, LinkedIn, and many others). 

    Space is limited, so reserve your seat today.

    Hotels Nearby:

    Agenda To Date:

    NASA's Internal Crowd
    This session will discuss best practices determined through NASA's past 8 years of running an internal crowdsourcing program. 

    Building a Better Mousetrap
    Learn the importance of establishing a foundation as a new department from the Cleveland Cavaliers' Mousetrap team. They'll discuss the formation of their team and delve deeper into the vision behind their most successful campaign, Cheese Madness, and how its impact uncorked the entire organization's potential.

    How to Change the Culture of the Military with Crowdsourcing
    How do you use an ideation platform to up-end the military command structure and get your voices heard while also creating value and changing the pace of your organization by holding people and ideas accountable? This session offers an overview of the Air Force’s ideation program. 

    Innovation: The Reality-Making Behind the Glamour
    Innovation is something everyone wants to do or claims they do. However, it is very misunderstood and often becomes a battlefield for turf wars. When you are in the job, it seems that everyone in the enterprise claims they want it, but no one wants to do the work. Let’s discuss the realities of working in a separate innovation shop.

    Build Engagement with Ideation to Improve Patient Outcomes
    In this session, you will learn how a grass-roots innovation program engaged an entire healthcare system in just one year.  TriHealth will share why this initiative is so important to fulfilling their mission, what tactics led to the program's success and how team member engagement was impacted with the launch of their "Bright Ideas" program.

    Calling All Innovation Ambassador Superheros: Harnessing the Creative Super Powers Around You!
    Learn ways to leverage your greatest intangible asset: your employees' minds, by creating your very own Innovation Ambassadors program! Your internal talent can strengthen your culture of idea generation, creative problem solving and learning to experiment and pivot in new ways. This helps you in solving some of your great known (and unknown) opportunities.

    PSA’s Innovation Journey
    PSA is a leading global port group and a trusted partner to cargo stakeholders around the world. With flagship operations in Singapore and Antwerp, PSA’s portfolio comprises a network of over 50 coastal, rail and inland terminals in 18 countries. Drawing on the deep expertise and experience from a diverse global team, PSA actively collaborates with its customers and partners to deliver world-class port services alongside, develop innovative cargo solutions and co-create an Internet of Logistics. This session will share PSA’s innovation journey from port authority to global port operator and beyond.

    Day Two Tour Locations:

    ISL Strategy

    Since 2008, we've been inventing great work for the world's best brands. We've been named Ad Age's Small Agency of the Year (twice) and have won over 20 Cannes Lions and other industry awards. We create multi-channel campaigns that bridge the online and offline world. We design and build websites, mobile apps, data visualizations. We produce content, commercials and short films. We have an entire team devoted to internet-connected devices and our own hardware. And we manage social for some of the biggest companies in the world. They also have one of the most innovative offices in DC - complete with hidden doorways.

    The United Way Social Innovation Lab

    The United Way Worldwide (UWW) Innovation Team believes that new innovations, drawing on diverse voices, are the key to turning these challenges into opportunities to improve people’s lives. We’re building a global community and platform for people innovating in health, education, and financial stability.  We collaborate with, and accelerate the work of, social innovators – United Way staff, business leaders, nonprofits, communities, and other partners.

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  • Comedy as a Second Language returns - this time at the Silver Spring Black Box!  Join us for a night of amazing stand-up comedy with the funniest immigrant and first generation performers!  This will be a great night of comedy with Che Rose, Alyssa Al-Dookhi, Umar Khan and Reem Seliem.  Curious about the show?  Read an article in the DCist about our last show or see a video promo here.

    Saturday September 7th • 8pm  • Silver Spring Black Box • 8641 Colesville Road

    $22 - $30  

    **Light concessions and drinks will be sold at the venue.


    Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

    No.  This is a show intended for adults or older teens so we recommend age 16+ 

    Where is the Silver Spring Black Box? 

    Silver Spring Black Box is a cool theatre right in the center of downtown Silver Spring, across from the Fillmore and next to AFI.  There is free parking in the nearby parking lots (on Saturday nights) and we are 5 minute walk from the Silver Spring metro.  

    Is the venue accessible?

    Yes.  Please contact us in advance if you have specific questions or need additional assistance. 

    Can I contact the organizer with any questions? or 301-351-2096

    Meet the Performers

    Che Guerrero has spent 12 years tackling race, marriage, and work through stand-up comedy. A revolutionary voice on the modern comedy scene, Che's style is rooted in his experiences growing up undocumented. His sense of humor and command of the stage is the result of obstacles often unseen by the average American.  In 2014, Che broke out on the New York scene with a feature on Gotham Comedy. He released his first album, "Thank You That's My Time" in 2016 and continued to hit every stage from The Hoboken Comedy Festival to The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. By 2018, Che was being highlighted on BET as part of 50 Central's "Artist Spotlight."  While his album remains in constant rotation on Sirius XM, his "American Immigrant Podcast" chronicles the lives and work of comedians of all backgrounds to illustrate the true fabric of the scene.

    Kasha Patel is the founder of "DC Science Comedy," producing science-themed comedy shows in the nation's capital featuring funny jokes, stories, and songs. She has been featured in The Washington Post, BBC World News, hosted a mini series on NASA TV, and gave a TEDx talk on the intersection of science and stand-up comedy.

    Umar Khan is a Baltimore comedian who has been performing for the past ten years. He’s become a regular at clubs, colleges, independent shows, and local theaters in the Baltimore and DC areas. He has performed at The DC Improv9:30 Club, The Historic Sixth & I Synagogue, Big Hunt, Hilarities in Cleveland, Punchline Philly, Levity Live, and the DC Drafthouse. In 2016 he was invited to be on Tig Nataro's Bentzen Ball in DC at the Kennedy Center. Umar has had the opportunity feature for great comedians like The Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj, Todd Barry, 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander, Greg Fitzsimmons, Mark Normand, Kyle Kinane, and Hari Kondabolu.  @UmarKhan821 

    Reem Seliem is an Egyptian/Philadelphian who started being funny in 2011, when she accepted a dare at an open mic. She's hosted a women’s theatre festival (2017 Philly Women’s Theatre Festival), written and hosted a monthly sketch comedy show (“Good Morning New Miami”, Good Good Comedy Theatre), and hosted an evening of stand up at a Middle Eastern arts festival (2018 Yalla Punk Festival). Reem’s written work has also been published in Comedic Pursuits. She’s now in D.C. where she does improv at Washington Improv Theater (WIT) and has done stand-up for Underground Comedy and Project Thalia.

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