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2U partners with top-tier universities to create online degree programs that are equal to ? or better than ? traditional programs, with fully integrated student and faculty experiences.
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Thoughtful company with great people doing important work in education

Pros: 2U is an incredible company. What is particularly special/unique about 2U is it is both a great place to work when thinking about what it means to spend eight or more hours a day at physical office space or home office (great environment, benefits, colleagues, personal and professional support etc.) but is also a company that is doing truly meaningful work that impacts people's lives. It's rare to find a company where you can enjoy and be passionate about what you do each day in your role, who you work alongside and the mission. And even more importantly, the mission isn't just some fancy copy for a website or sales pitch. 2U's focus on people, partners, students and outcomes is real. It is clearly why leaders including the CEO gets up each day and that filters down throughout the organization creating a culture that is truly special and unlike anywhere else I have had the fortune to work in the last 15 years. The leadership is also incredibly smart and thoughtful — about the strategy and growth plan for the company (and making sure the mission isn’t lost in it), the culture as we continue to scale globally and about each individual employee’s wellbeing and contribution. The last thing I will say is that while companies are not about one person and I truly believe should the CEO or any of the leaders leave at any point, the strength of the company would not waver, the CEO is extraordinary -- as both a human being and a leader. Chip Paucek is one of the best people I have had the fortune to know in both my life and career and tirelessly works to drive outcomes for students, partners and employees. Many CEOs have an obsessively blind focus on dollars, cents and the bottom line only. His balanced focused on sustainability, mission and people is unique and underrated in companies today.

Cons: 2U has taken a lot of heat in the space. Both as a public company and as the leading OPM for higher education. It’s important to separate those things and some of the crazy stuff you may read from competitors or naysayers in higher ed from what is really going on at 2U and with their business. The plan ahead is strong, the people and mission are incredible and just like any company that is the leader in a space (or frankly, leaders within one of the biggest companies in the space), you are often the easiest target for arrows people want to throw. Careful what you believe. I have been at 2U going on seven years and if you decide to join this company, it could be one of the best decisions of your life.

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  • Join me for a gentle 45-minute outdoor yoga class at Roos2U, a Germantown, Maryland USDA-Licensed**  kangaroo sanctuary!

    Following the class, our small group will take a 45-minute personalized, owner-guided tour of the facility. Participants will go behind the scenes and interact with the resident kangaroos and wallabies. The sanctuary owner has a passion for all things macropod, and has devoted her life to the care and conservation of the animals.

    The event will take place on the grounds of the farm, located in Germantown, MD, a one-hour drive from Arlington.

    This event is limited to 20 guest, each of whom *must* have a ticket. Please BYO yoga mat!

    **Roos2U Farm is USDA licensed, and the welfare of the animals is always top priority. The animals all have space to roam, along with sheds and calf hutches to shield them from poor weather.

    The animals are all fed twice a day with additional treats, and regularly have their health checked by the farm’s veterinarian, Carol Foster.

    The farm also works with the UMD Pre-Veterinary Society giving students experience with macropods. The animals' interaction with humans is voluntary. None of the animals are taught tricks, and the owner works to replicate their natural environment as much as possible.

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