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Culture & Value: 74%
Senior Leadership: 64%
Salary & Benefits: 76%
Career Growth: 68%
Work / Life Balance: 62%
Recommended: 74%
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Good company, not as great as it was

Pros: Generally: good overall compensation, good insurance, 9% 401k matching, PTO, etc... good coworkers and managers (mostly), very good safety oriented culture, fast paced work environment once the projects really get going. Private company that is very family oriented. Steady work and Bechtel tries to avoid lay offs as much as possible for people who are semi-flexible. In the home office: facilities have been much improved, good schedule for work-life balance (9/80 & flex time), short walk to The Galleria. In the field: excellent money as long as there is OT and per diem, good sense of teamwork and camaraderie on most projects.

Cons: Generally: dead weight spread in a very top-heavy organization. Experienced folks are quitting, gen X is getting passed over and young, inexperienced, hand-picked "talkers" are being fast tracked. Since this activity started, raises / promotions = little to nothing for the past 2+ years, bonuses have dwindled, and we have been struggling to win new work. HR Deployed reps are not trained properly. In the home office: has become an L1/H1B factory. Outsourcing engineering to India and China is ramping up. Some managers are severely lacking in people skills. Safety culture needs improvement. In the field: poor work/life balance, lots of hours & remote locations. Conditions for US jobs continue to decline. Depending on the project and trailer you're assigned to it can be a loud / dirty work environment. The young, "ivory tower" managers who look down their nose on construction people are ruining the dynamic of field jobs.

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