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Good vibes and good values

Pros: - Office culture is great. Work/life balance is (genuinely) prioritized; work from home policy is generous, you don't feel guilty for taking time out to take care of, say, a dentist's appointment or a kid's school event. - Work is interesting and fast-paced. Optoro sells itself as a "green" for-profit company - working on both a business and environmental solution. I would normally be skeptical about this, but I really do think the business's value prop is exciting and real: the reverse supply chain is no joke! - Big encouragement for professional development/learning, as well as diversity and inclusion efforts. - You can see your work contributing to the growing business - and that's exciting! - Everyone's relaxed, friendly, and helpful. I've worked in some environments that were a lot more stressed/toxic, and it can feel a bit dog eat dog: people are stressed and unhappy in those places. That's not the case here. I genuinely enjoy going into the office, and people seem to feel the same way?

Cons: - It's a high growth phase, which means some teams are working longer hours (though they get thanked and recognized for it - again, I've worked in places where working evenings or weekends was expected, not praised as exceptional). - The high growth can sometimes mean that we suddenly change focus; so sometimes things feel chaotic.

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  • Today’s expectations for office design can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At this Architect Session, we’ll show you how to utilize freedom of choice to create your dream office. We’ll break down the design process, show you how and why to communicate your feelings for the space, and how to get what you want – an office that’s everything you always wanted but never expected. See what is possible for your office.

    Wingate Hughes Architect Sessions feature the top real estate brokers, architects, and CEO/Founders in DC to demystify complicated business, design, and real estate issues affecting business owners and operators. If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or startup founder, these sessions will educate while introducing you to the best people and resources in our region. 

    Learn more about the upcoming Architect Sessions at wingatehughes.com/architect-sessions

    Featured Speakers
    adam vitarello optoroAdam Vitarello: Adam is President and Co-Founder of Optoro, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the US. As President, he is responsible for setting the strategic vision for their enterprise SaaS product, expanding the ecommerce reach of their BLINQ brand, improving how they collect and use proprietary data, overseeing all direct operations, and coming up with better ways to optimize the reverse logistics process. Wingate Hughes designed their current and previous office. Check out the Optoro office.

    wingate hughes architectsKelly Nichols: Kelly, Associate IIDA and LEED Green Associate, is a Senior Project Designer at Wingate Hughes. With 10 years of interior design experience, Kelly takes the lead in the conceptualization and design process. From the initial development of design concept through finish selection and construction documentation, maintaining client relationships remains Kelly’s commitment. She is experienced in assessing and evaluating situations and developing new design strategies, ensuring only the best ideas and methods are implemented. Kelly was a leader on the Optoro office design project.

    Gavin Wingate Bowie: Gavin is co-founding principal of Wingate Hughes Architects and has dual areas of expertise in business and architecture. He supervises and directs the tempo of the office while coordinating communication between clients and the design teams. He maximizes value by figuring out how to make the extraordinary affordable through creative detailing. His strategic guidance and studio leadership furthers the firm towards creativity, curiosity, and intelligence, contributing to the company’s relationship-driven designs.

    Learn more about the upcoming Architect Sessions at wingatehughes.com/architect-sessions.

    Email questions to events@wingatehughes.com.

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