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Culture & Value: 88%
Senior Leadership: 78%
Salary & Benefits: 76%
Career Growth: 76%
Work / Life Balance: 86%
Recommended: 81%
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Growing company with a unique, thriving culture!

Pros: is located in a great location and is on a rapid growth projectory. The culture is extremely dynamic and so much more employee centric than I'm accustomed to. Not only does the innovation of the product continue to excite me and keep me motivated, the people are incredibly passionate, humble, and intelligent. I love that I can walk into my VP's and manager's office and be very candid about my goals, current inititiatives, and provide solutions to team obstacles. Its really incredible to feel like your voice is heard and your team is working toward a common goal. Although the pace is fast, I've developed myself so much and have been provided incredible opportunities that it's made the hard work worth it. The office space is catered toward employee wellness and productivity, its easy to love being in the office. The culture is very flexible on working from home if needed and flexible hours. The gray area of the culture is probably why people enjoy working here. You have the power and ability to create new processes, programs, and drive initiatives that may not be given attention to leaving a lot of area for opportunity and growth!

Cons: The pace can be very fast, but the establishment of work life balance is really controlled by you. While I don't think this a con per se, some may not understand that working for a rapidly growing company is a good thing even if it can feel overwhelming at times. The company gives you the opportunites to and understands the need to take care of yourself, so I've learned to give it my all, but never forget my personal goals outside of work.

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