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Capital One is on a mission to change banking for good and to help people live their best lives. Together, we will build one of America?s leading information-based technology companies.
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Culture & Value: 80%
Senior Leadership: 66%
Salary & Benefits: 82%
Career Growth: 70%
Work / Life Balance: 80%
Recommended: 74%
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Could be great, missed opportunity

Pros: Great benefits. Lots of travel opportunity. Great for some (not for everyone)— especially for people avoiding their families or trying to have an affair. If you don't like your current team, you can often move to another one or relocate to another location. Great opportunity to learn new skills. Some of the leadership is inspiring. Nice workspaces for some.

Cons: Gender-biased, misguided, disorganized, competitive structure, reorgs frequent This place is trying to be a start-up with huge enterprise problems—it's awkward. Makes for a lot of wasted effort for people trying to get things done in an innovative way with business-side making the last judgment. Shiny object syndrome. Emphasis on PR moments over fixing real problems. Performance reviews lend to a gender- or personality-bias when it comes to promotions. Women and/or introverts often get the short end of the stick unless they have a great/shark managers. I've seen the most ineffective game-players get promoted over competent and effective peers who seemed to get punished for actually getting things done and not wasting their energy dick-swinging or taking unnecessary travel. In effect, a lot of the people promoted do not make for the best leadership. Bad management. Too many cooks in the kitchen with product or design, not enough project managers (or none at all). Constant reorganization is exhausting and disorienting. Nobody knows what's going on. Deflates spirit and doesn't help progress.

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