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Pros: CTA is an excellent place to work. CTA has a fabulous Glassdoor rating while my last company had a rating that hovered around 2.5 stars. From experience I can tell you that your work life is vastly better at a company like CTA with that type of employee satisfaction. I have seen and lived the difference - you want to work at a place with a high Glassdoor rating. CTA is a collaborative environment. I appreciate the people I work with because they are smart, strategic and the top in their fields while being nice and easy to work with. Sure, just like every organization there are issues and challenges that arise (that's why we call it "work" and not "play") - but the team rises to address them in positive and productive ways. The Intern program is quite impressive. CTA brings on 30+ interns a year across a range of departments for internships that last 6 to 11 months. Sure part of the intern's job include some admin functions but it is balanced with real opportunities to work on projects - these spots are a far cry from "answering phones" and "stuffing envelopes." Some interns get hired, but all of them get the opportunity to learn and get that all important first job on the resume. But let's talk benefits, benefits and then more benefits. CTA is an employee focused organization: - 6% – 10% 401K contribution - Telecommuting 1 day a week plus flexibility for doctors and other appointments - 35 hour work week (sure many folks work more but it is a FAR cry from places where 45-50 hours is the norm!) - All types of insurance - from health insurance to pet insurance, a wide range of options - Commuting subsidies - $25,000 forgivable home loan - Onsite gym If you are reading this far than you should just stop reading and start applying to work at CTA. But you should also expect real interviews - not fluff questions. CTA has great people because they interview to get great people.

Cons: You have a busy season - CTA manages the 180,000 person CES show every January so the nature of the work means that for many employees the Oct-Jan period is busier than other times of the year. I compare that to a Baseball player who has a busy summer or a Football player with a busy winter. As much as the baseball player may want to stretch the work out evenly through the year, the fans only show up in the summer and for CTA the conference attendees are only there in January. Partner this with summer Fridays, telecommuting options and a 35 hour work week most of the year and it more than balances out.

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