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Quorum's public affairs software integrates stakeholder engagement, grassroots advocacy, and legislative tracking across Washington, Brussels, and all 50 states.
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Culture & Value: 94%
Senior Leadership: 86%
Salary & Benefits: 76%
Career Growth: 92%
Work / Life Balance: 80%
Recommended: 86%
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fantastic work place for professional and personal growth

Pros: The boot-strapped environment breeds a sense of scrappiness despite the company's growing team (close to 100 when I left). I enjoyed the challenges this environment presented (ie. how I managed projects, budgeted, or made strategic plans). There is a high degree of trust with employees and if someone wants ownership over an initiative there are lots of pathways to do so. This is a great job to take if you are looking to sharpen some of your professional skills while tackling new ones. Most importantly - the people are the best aspect of the company. The peers I had at Quorum will be my champions for the rest of my professional career. They are motivated and bright and driven and passionate.

Cons: The company is transitioning from a building phase to scaling a scaling phase and that presents plenty of normal growing pains. Having the ability to be flexible and roll with changes in process will make someone far more successful at Quorum.

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