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They say you haven't made it until the fake Glassdoor reviews start flooding in

Pros: A wise man once said never to argue with fools, because people from a distance can't tell who is who. I very seldomly opt to get involved with mudslingers because, in the end, all parties, right or wrong, end up dirty. I'm not really bothered at all by fake reviews, but I'm pragmatic and understand that perception is reality. But as a current full-time team member at HireKeep, I felt it important to address a recent review from an invidual who's no longer with the company (I know this because we are a small, close-knit team). Let's align perception with reality, shall we? Glassdoor's greatest strength is its greatest weakness: individuals can review anonymously without needing to verify current or past association - as such, there are very little barriers for individuals with malicious intent (who may or may not have dealt with a given company) seeking to destroy via libel. These are negative, brooding inviduals who relish in tearing others down. Worse, they could be desperate attempts from bad faith competitors to elevate themselves by tearing a superior rival down. In either case, I, personally, don't understand the mentality. The name-calling, ad hominem slinging, and unsubstantiated claims don't amount to genuine criticism, but rather sour grapes - there is zero proof or evidence to back any of these bogus claims up. Here's the truth: HireKeep is an amazing work environment cultivating an incredible culture that helps salespeople find incredible, high-paying jobs on literally a daily basis. It's a fast-paced, nimble, extremely progressive and fun startup. The CEO, Paul, is a passionate winner and leader who does all in his power to lift up his team of fellow winners and forward-thinkers. We win, celebrate one another's wins and elevate one another positively. We all work remotely and convene according to mutual convenience to work, break bread, or have fun together. Should we so choose, we all have the ability to walk away at any point and we'll have Paul's support. We are building something special, something we're quite proud of. Yes, we are competitive and we go above and beyond to ensure our clients and partners are happy. Our goal is to become the best of the best in our field and, frankly, we like our chances. The future is extremely bright for us. And a couple laughable, slanderous, 100% false Glassdoor reviews can't change that. Not even a little bit.

Cons: Still sorting out my tax situation for this year - I'm finding it difficult to track all this money I'm making.

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