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Excellent company with grand plans and a great future

Pros: - The company is in one of the fastest growing sectors (cybersecurity threat intelligence) - The people heading the company are smart, seasoned and work well together. - The company is well funded. - It is growing at a fast rate - doubled in size; quadrupled in bookings and revenue in just one year. - Excellent office culture - ideas are encouraged and promoted; people are given intellectual freedom and challenges and everyone is just enthusiastic. - Has the right hiring policies in place. - Great emphasis is put in and practiced in core company values such as *assumption of goodwill*. - A very strong culture for remote employees. Most of the company's core technical people are remote. - Last but not the least - the company has great products already and some big customers. The product team is brilliant and already has more products on the horizon over the next 2+ years. No dearth of opportunity to prove yourself - and you get handsomely rewarded and recognized for your work.

Cons: Not many that I can think of (there - I have more than five words now).

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  • Entrepreneur Series - Part 1

    The #asianamerican Experience: Building Culture and Startups is the first of our three-part Entrepreneur talks. 

    The Asian-American experience is a unique intersection of Western and Eastern ideologies. When it comes to business building strategy, the Asian-American hybrid perspective has advantages with establishing an organization's culture. What skills do I have to assemble a highly motivated team that can efficiently operate a business? This presentation explores various topics ranging from the fundraising process to what it is like to live in American business culture while having a Chinese background.

    Keynote Speaker: Wayne Chiang

    Wayne Chiang

    As the current Chief Architect and Co-Founder of ThreatQuotient, Wayne Chiang utilizes his 10+ years of cross-functional industry experience to deliver elegant solutions to complex problems in Cybersecurity, FinTech and AgTech. Wayne is a perpetual optimizer and can't stop constantly analyzing strategies to improve existing processes. Additionally, Wayne serves as a Board Advisor for the Virginia Tech Apex Center for Entrepreneurs. He is actively involved in the DC startup ecosystem and fantasizes about normal working hours.


    6:00 PM: Networking (Food and drinks are sponsored by Allstate Liu Insurance.) 

    7:00 PM: Keynote, Q&A session


    Allstate Liu Insurance


    Paid parking is available underneath the building for $5 after 5pm.

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