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The "ugly" truth

Pros: Pretty flexible hours, remote work, casual work environment, a VERY interesting software tool, in the right hands the Remine platform can work wonders. Location.

Cons: If you are reading this review while doing research for a potential job, please take some of the reviews with a grain of salt. Was there a pretty large lay-off? Yes. Were people's life's turned upside down? Yes. I encourage anyone in the corporate world to name one single company that has not gone through a shift, or a layoff before though. Was it handled in the best way, probably not, but is there really a "good way" to handle these? There is just no easy way around one when the time comes. IT WAS NOT a financial layoff though, it was strategic. Was the sales team working above and beyond? Absolutely. Were they aware of the task at hand when hired? Yes. But someone cannot cry "unfair working conditions" when you always had the option to "walk" or talk to a manager about hours etc. The Dev-team, in my opinion, is one of the best that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Are the hours long? Yes. Are you aware of what you're getting yourself into prior to starting? Again, yes. The "smoke and mirrors" talk mostly stems from the whole shares / equity communication that was very poorly managed early on. It has been fixed now, things are in place, and most have realized that it is pretty different than we expected when hired. Good news though, if you are hired on now, it's all very well laid out and makes sense. Now, to the "ugly" truth of it... The semi-toxic employees who see internal issues and only complain on social media (here) or to previous employees instead of speaking up and trying to make a change or suggestion is a true "con" here. Are the leaders aware of some of the issues? Sure. All of them? No. We all ask for "communication and transparency" but it goes both ways. They cannot fix or work on what they do not know. Do they know they need to listen more and take advice? Yes. Are they open to doing so? Yes. Do they understand that maybe 6 months ago it didn't seem as they were open to this? Yes. Are they willing to fix it? Yes. Are they perfect? No. If you truly enjoy working here, then help everyone and step up. If you do not... then complaining all day and spreading rumors is not only hurting your peers, but you as well. Move on. Also, to anyone who has made it this far, there are some posts from "current Java Developers" on here, we don't have Java Developers....

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