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Applied Predictive Technologies
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APT, a Mastercard Company, is a leading cloud-based analytics software company that enables organizations to rapidly and precisely measure cause-and-effect relationships between business initiatives and outcomes to generate economic value.
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Culture & Value: 78%
Senior Leadership: 68%
Salary & Benefits: 78%
Career Growth: 74%
Work / Life Balance: 80%
Recommended: 79%
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Good place to work but could be great with some changes

Pros: Excellent benefits Great work life balance policy with lots of time off (as long as you are not shamed by your peers) Competitive salary AMAZING YEARLY BONUS!!!

Cons: If you don't have any up high (with power) contacts and relationships, good luck getting anywhere. You will be passed over for every promotion and then get the carrot on the stick *you are almost there, but could do just a little more to really get there*, you can double the results of others and still just get a "good job go get em tiger, results achieved" at the end of the year with no actual movement forward for YEARS. You will be held accountable rightfully so to the employee conduct guidelines. Your peers that are not the same race/gender/friends with management will not. They will form cliques that you are not a part of and you will endure bullying and harassment and HR won't care. The ones that can get away with it will break policy and it will be waved off as a non issue, oh and you get to watch them get promoted for it too. Management will tell you to suck it up and remain professional. Have alternate political views to the company? Get ready to have their stuff shoved in your face all the time and guilt tripped for thinking differently. But they still "respect your views." It's a shame because this is a good place to work it's just brought down by human hypocrisy and favoritism with no ACCOUNTABILITY. It's almost a high, no middle school mentality that runs the place. This is a big deal because you spend more time with your co-workers than you do your own family and friends. If you have to spend it with hostile, cutthroat people it really presents a more difficult challenge than any job or task you are asked of in your career there.

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