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Phone2Action offers digital advocacy and engagement software that enables organizations to connect supporters and other stakeholders with elected officials.
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  • In this International Innovation talk, we bring to you the journeys of innovators who came to the U.S. as an immigrant or a refugee. They come from a different country, speak a different language and have a completely different culture, yet still become leaders in innovation in the U.S. Outside of their professional development, they work tirelessly to empower those who come from the same background, helping them have a better life in the U.S. Join us to hear about their inspiring stories!

    The panel talk starts at 11:00 on Friday, March 29 at AUCI, Don Myers Technology Building. Please arrive and check in at least 15 minutes early. The event features a panel talk, followed by food and networking. Open to the AU community.

    Our speakers include:

    Wendy Chan - Management Consulting, Senior Manager at Accenture and Co-founder of One Journey Festival, a grassroot organization dedicated to change negative narrative of refugees by celebrating their talents, contributions, and stories of resilience and hope. 

    Ahmad Beetar – Syrian Ex-Journalist and Social Activist. Currently involved in advocating for refugees. Co-Founder of KAMADC and a member of One Journey Festival Leadership Team

    Dr. Ximena HartsockCo-founder, Phone2Action. Originally from Chile, Dr Ximena Hartsock started her career in education, and ended up co-founding her own civic technology company called Phone2Action. She is a believer in education and empowering people to take action to make this world a better place.

    Our moderator is:

    Prof. Brett Gilbert

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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