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Culture & Value: 80%
Senior Leadership: 62%
Salary & Benefits: 72%
Career Growth: 66%
Work / Life Balance: 70%
Recommended: 71%
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One of the better media companies

Pros: A focus on career development, diversity and inclusion, and creating meaningful work. Quite a few people have been here 4+ years either in the same dept with more senior titles or have moved into other areas of the company. This shows a commitment to talent employees and growing their careers. Additionally, great snacks and strong benefits coverage. Mental health visits are just $10! Senior leaders are also more diverse than most other media companies. Being a media company, the industry has forced many companies to go through change and we could do a better job communicating. However, I believe the heart and business is in the right place. They also hired a Chief Communications Officer to work through the communications challenges.

Cons: Between all the different editorial networks and various other departments, it's hard to keep up with what everyone is doing and to meet people in other parts of the company. The monthly happy hours are nice but can be awkward because people will talk to who they know. May be there can be more structured ways that encourage people to get to know each other?

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