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Generally good but a light spread of smoke and mirrors

Pros: Great coworkers, lots of passion, high-class talent, good drive towards diversity even if it was a bit slow. Good place if you know what you're doing and can manage on your own. I didn't get benefits, but they seemed good.

Cons: If you read between the lines, you can tell the company is unsure of where it is - and the management often exacerbates this. Lot of identity issues among all the brands, and it reflects in how a piece you'd expect on one site shows up on another. If you don't know where you belong in all the mess, well... good luck. Extremely limited growth within the company, and it's not consistent. Very limited diversity among some of the editorial leads. The workplace politics/relationships were real and often anxiety-inducing, even in spaces I didn't expect such and even considered "safe." Certain groups are very buddy-buddy. My department (and the company) got restructured and my new bosses didn't help. Saying as little as possible, it rolled into some poorly-reflecting consequences right up until and even after I left.

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