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Culture & Value: 78%
Senior Leadership: 74%
Salary & Benefits: 74%
Career Growth: 68%
Work / Life Balance: 80%
Recommended: 65%
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Experience varies by department

Pros: The reason that there are so many reviews here all over the rating spectrum is that your experience at WeddingWire will vary wildly depending on your department, your team, and your specific role. Some departments or teams are cliquey, others are not at all. Some teams may side-eye you for taking vacation time, but others will happily let you use your unlimited PTO to your heart's content. (Seriously!) There's so much variation, so unless a review is about your prospective department, it's pretty much meaningless. Here are some pros: - Friendly and engaged executives - Management who believes in transparency and allows you to submit tough questions anonymously, which are later answered publicly (at least for the Product department) - Free breakfast every day - 2 free lunches per month - Smart coworkers who are also friendly and helpful - Casual, laid-back atmosphere - Environment that's welcoming of and celebrates new parents - Some people can work remotely

Cons: - The sales department seems to have a high-pressure environment and high turnover. Make sure you enjoy sales / cold-calling before accepting an offer for a sales role. - Some talented people have been leaving due to recent changes, and even though they'll be replaced, it still places a damper on morale. - The changes mentioned above, which some people disagree with. - The 401k match is tiny, the smallest I've ever experienced at a company.

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