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Offering financial solutions for veteran business owners and their communities including term loans, lines of credit, contract financing and more.
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Culture & Value: 74%
Senior Leadership: 70%
Salary & Benefits: 68%
Career Growth: 66%
Work / Life Balance: 64%
Recommended: 63%
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Nothing is perfect

Pros: You are surrounded but some very intelligent people who for the most part are also good people. The environment is laid back but that doesn't mean you don't have to work your butt off. Opportunities to learn and grow are there but not all are so obvious. Overall, StreetShares is a solid place to work with a core of values that I am happy to be apart of.

Cons: Could use better communication skills, as the chain of command seems only to consist of Executives. (That being said, it looks like we are moving in a better direction with this). One executive seems to be killing moral without any other higher ups knowing. His solution to everything is to higher a temp, his man goal in life is to make sure his numbers look huge even if it means pulling data that is the least optimal. When confronted directly about anything in front of people, he will NEVER give you an answer, he states "we should go off line for this" and then when you meet one on one his answer his BS. If you could not tell, this man is the main con of this company from my current perspective.

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